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Wednesday, February 01, 2006


The State of the Union = not so hot
Working together we can make it = eh

It amazes me how much the President of the United States of freaking America is a douche bag (by the way, Gala does not approve of that). He's going to find alternative energy sources for oil by checking out Coal & Nuclear power, these are not the best improvement methods if you ask me.

He's going to continue teaching abstinence in schools, but is going to also put more money towards AIDS/HIV medications. And speaking of schools, he's going to cut back on over 140 government funded programs, one big one being student loans (so much for not leaving children behind). He's also going to further the quality of math and science in schools - what about the freaking humanities - I guess because he can't read, write, and talk he wants the rest of the world to be as stupid as he is. (not that he's any good at math or science either, but that helps him get more power to blow up shit).

When it comes to Iraq and what the genius has to say, does everybody else completely miss the continuing connections with Vietnam and what the geniuses said then? He is also now bugging each and everyone of us hoping against hope that we happen to be talking to potential terrorists, because face it, he has no better ideas. The best part about observing us is that the entire room proceeded to stand and clap, except for the ever wonderful Mrs. Clinton who just shook her head and laughed. Speaking of Mrs. Clinton, she was hands down my favorite part of the night, especially when he mentioned the social security plan of his that got shot down, and she was at the forefront of the standing ovation.

I think the most important things we learned from Mr. President's speech are:
1) he's turning 60, which brings him one step closer to death
2) he sucks at taking cheap shots because they turn out as compliments
3) Laura needs a foundation that matches her skin tone
4) Laura sits by the greatest people in the whole building
5) John Roberts' dancing son must have been there, because Bush was awfully distracted
6) A tape of that would make the greatest drinking game ever! Just drink on Free, Terror, Ideals, and Morals and whenever only the GOP side stands. So if anyone has the tape, I'd greatly appreciate it.


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