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Monday, February 20, 2006

And the winner is . . .

And the winner of the name my piece contest goes to . . . . ME! After many failed and utterly pathetic suggestions I have officially decided on Subcommander Marcos!
This is not only an incredibly awesome choice because I came up with it, but also because of the real guy (yeah it's really a person!). This man is a revolutionary in Mexico who is always seen in a ski mask and with a pipe. He is also always seen with his mascot - the deformed rooster, but that has nothing to do with anything.
Subcommander also happens to be the full name of Dizy and Sarah's dog Subby, and that might just be one of the coolest dogs ever! And he's soo cute, just like my Subcommander!
So whether it was named after the person or the dog, I still think it's an amazingly awesome name and I applaud myself for it!

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Break me off a piece of that

Today I bought a piece from my friend Steph because she decided to stop smoking and wanted to get rid of her. The best part is that it is a quality piece and I got it from her for 25 bucks. It's really sweet now I just have to break it in and christen it. It was previously named Cherry, but I feel as though it needs renaming. Though I was there in the original christening and de-virginizing. I don't know, suggestions?

Wednesday, February 01, 2006


The State of the Union = not so hot
Working together we can make it = eh

It amazes me how much the President of the United States of freaking America is a douche bag (by the way, Gala does not approve of that). He's going to find alternative energy sources for oil by checking out Coal & Nuclear power, these are not the best improvement methods if you ask me.

He's going to continue teaching abstinence in schools, but is going to also put more money towards AIDS/HIV medications. And speaking of schools, he's going to cut back on over 140 government funded programs, one big one being student loans (so much for not leaving children behind). He's also going to further the quality of math and science in schools - what about the freaking humanities - I guess because he can't read, write, and talk he wants the rest of the world to be as stupid as he is. (not that he's any good at math or science either, but that helps him get more power to blow up shit).

When it comes to Iraq and what the genius has to say, does everybody else completely miss the continuing connections with Vietnam and what the geniuses said then? He is also now bugging each and everyone of us hoping against hope that we happen to be talking to potential terrorists, because face it, he has no better ideas. The best part about observing us is that the entire room proceeded to stand and clap, except for the ever wonderful Mrs. Clinton who just shook her head and laughed. Speaking of Mrs. Clinton, she was hands down my favorite part of the night, especially when he mentioned the social security plan of his that got shot down, and she was at the forefront of the standing ovation.

I think the most important things we learned from Mr. President's speech are:
1) he's turning 60, which brings him one step closer to death
2) he sucks at taking cheap shots because they turn out as compliments
3) Laura needs a foundation that matches her skin tone
4) Laura sits by the greatest people in the whole building
5) John Roberts' dancing son must have been there, because Bush was awfully distracted
6) A tape of that would make the greatest drinking game ever! Just drink on Free, Terror, Ideals, and Morals and whenever only the GOP side stands. So if anyone has the tape, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Monday, January 30, 2006

Heaven & Hell Have Crashed & Burned

Everyone knows that I'm way into hemp and jewelry made out of hemp, so when one thing falls off I replace it, and occasionally just add new ones for the hell of it. For the first time I might just make a duplicate of the ones that just fell off.
Well, recently I was watching Constantine and I was really intrigued by the idea of heaven and hell and the roll that earth plays between them and all that junk according to legend. At that point I was making new anklets and decided I'd make a hell one with red and black and I placed a green one at the middle. Then I made another one, a little bit bigger than the first, with blue and purple (I would have used white, but I didn't have enough white beads that fit on the hemp) and I placed a green one in the middle of that. They hung at different spectrums of the ankle and I thought that they were kind of the shit, and I was the shit for thinking of the idea.
A couple days ago the heaven one broke (go fig that it goes first) and today the hell fell off. So, my ankle is naked and I have to replace them, but I think I might possibly just use the same concept, but tweak it. Or maybe I'll come up with something equally as awesome.

p.s. I never got to finish Constantine because my comp died while I was watching it and I'm bummed because that was back in October. So I still have no idea what the fuck happened.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

we've come a long way baby

I know it's been a while, I just plain forgot. I am now in the beginning of my second semester of college my MWF schedule is amazing - TR kind of blows monkey chunks. TR is my gender day and they might as well be the same class, one is Sex Roles in cultures and the other is Women and various fundamentalist cultures. I'm still doing Latin for God knows what reason and ballet for everyone knows what reason. and I'm taking Literary Conciousness, which I absolutely adore and the Prof is AMAZING! I'm still doing the whole Community Calendar thing at WEOS, but I'm not doing any plays right now and no Koshare, so my schedule has freed up considerably. Knowing me, I'll find something to consume all my time by the end of the week.
Thye break was umm, interesting. I went to FL with mom, my bro, and his girl and sat at my mom's new house with nothing else to do for the rest of the break now that she moved.
I passed all of my classes, not with the best GPA, but I passed. Oh, Well - after what happened at Salem did they honestly expect me to do work here, I haven't changed that much since I got to college.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The record player in my head is on repeat

So, it's been like a month since C.J. tuned me in, but whatever - atleast I'm not just ignoring the tag.

Here's the deal: List ten songs you currently are obsessing over -- any genre, any format, etc. If you have a blog, do it there; if you don't, do it here. Then tag five people or so.
Here are my songs, in no particular order:

Flogging Molly: Kilburn High Road
Jonny McGovern: Soccer Practice
Kayne West: Golddigger
David Bowie: Magic Dance
The 88: How Good it Can Be
Elton John: Tiny Dancer
Spoon: The Way We Get By
The Who: Pinball Wizard
Alexi Murdoch: Orange Sky
Oasis: Champagne Supernova

I'll tag Eshellama, Jessamyn, My Wife, Gala, V, and Ian - I would tag Zack, but he's not computer savvy enough, but if he can figure it out he gets a tag too. And Andy gets one because he was so excited and when he heard about it begged me to tag him.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Long time no see

It's been a while, but that's just because things have been crazy hectic. So bringing back some of my Salem mojo and being a complete loser:
Me thynketh it acordaunt to resoun
To telle yow al the condicioun
Of ech of hem, so as it semed me,
And whiche they weren, and of what degree,
And eek in what array that they were inne;
And at the one acts than wol I first bigynne.

So the One Acts are plays written by other people, but directed and performed by students. They went completely well and I have to shamelessly promote myself and say that the one I was in was the best by far - sorry everyone else, but we kicked ass. It was a three person show entitled The Successful Life of Three. It stared me, Peter Marciano, and Steve Owens - I was a nymphomaniac fought over by those two, Steve was the straight man and dear Peter was hilarious, Hallie Martensen directed.
As soon as those ended I began work on Koshare, which means dancers of the sacred ground. It was all choreographed and organized by the students and was so much fun. I only did two dances, a ballet/modern piece and a funk/fun piece - it went well, but I'm not gonna lie, I wasn't as excited about these as I was about the One Acts.
I then had a shitty weekend which involved me taking care of everyone and everyone's problems but my own, which is why I kind of had a breakdown on Sunday. Monday I auditioned for the show, just for the hell of it, and didn't get cast - but I honestly don't care that much. Tuesday Mom drove up and picked me up and then we drove to her new house in Dover, Ohio. The house was completely empty except for an air mattress, mom's clothes, lawn chairs and a TV tray, and the cats. I cooked an awesome dinner on Thursday, with some help from Mom, and on Friday we did the whole shopping thing and went to see Harry Potter*. Sunday morning we drove back to HWS and here I am - absolutely nothing to do, but study for exams, and do they really expect me to do that?
*I very much approve of the new Harry Potter. I liked that they were willing to up the rating so they could cover the things they needed to and the fast pace made everything better. Daniel Radcliffe improved immensely, Rupert Grint got a little better, and Emma Watson stayed the same. Cedric Diggory was gorgeous and the English Patient as Voldemort kicked everyone's ass. I do think that they over dramatized Everything and they tended to leave things a little flat - they often started a story and as the main plot developed, the little stories were completely dropped. All and all I give it a thumbs up!